changing careers/jobs:

considering a change: exploring your options

do you dislike your career or just dislike working at the company you are right now? If you are considering a change in employer or career make sure you understand which one you don't enjoy doing either working at your current employment or your career. before you make that decision ask your self this, why don't you enjoy that job/career?

it could even be just because your career or job isn't what you thought it would be, your career you decided to get a college degree to do could have not been what you expected it to be in the real world or it would be the career the old you wanted but not the career the new you wants.

(found in lesson 9 notes for pcc)

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developing a plan: mapping your moves

After you figure out the listed items under "considering a change" make sure you have you make a plan for what you plan on doing whether you are getting a different job or a totally different change in career. Don't make a rush decision make sure you know what you are going to do instead of your current job and/or career. before changing your job/career find out what you are missing from your current place of employment? why isn't this what you are looking for in your job/career? why don't you enjoy your job/career that you have right now? why change?

* because you're not happy-before giving up though consider if there might be a way to stay and solve the problem.

* because you want to grow-if you feel unfulfilled or unchallenged it might be time to move on.

* because your job is terminated- you can prepare for an unexpected job loss by staying alert to signs of trouble.

(found in lesson 9 notes for pcc)

making the change: burning no bridges

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if you choice to make a career/job change think about what you expect to have in your next employment. when you are thinking about what you are looking for in your next place of employment. there are three different ways to focus your search for a new job/career:

* same job new company- if you enjoy your job (career) but not your employer. this means that you enjoy your career you have chose but you do not enjoy working for the company that you are working for, because you don't enjoy working with the employees at that company.

* new job,same company- you decide you just don't like what you're doing. you enjoy working at that company but just need a change in what you do in that company.

* start over- do something completely different such as a hobby into a career. for example if one of your hobbys is cutting and designing hair or doing different nail art then you could make a career out of that.

when you leave a company don't go around on social media or talking face to face with someone talking bad about that company. you never know when you might need that company as a reference or need a job at that company in the future and if they hear about what you said to someone about their company or saying bad things about that company on social media then they wont give you a reference or hire you back.

(found in my lesson9notes for pcc)

beginning the new journey: showcasing your experience

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now that you have changed either your job or entire career it is time to plan what you need to do in the next chapter in your life that involves you choosing a new job or career. ask your self what is the new me looking for in my next career/job? what job/career do i want to discover now? also ask yourself, what is different this time around?

* because you have already been out in the work of work, you have more data available for you than you did before. think about your skills and the tasks you enjoy most.

* make a list of jobs and careers you are interested in.

* research the jobs/careers you might be interested in.

*when you have found a new job give proper notice to your current employer. a official written statement that you are leaving.

* don't slack off at your current job just because you are leaving. (this might make your employer give a bad reference on you to your new employer that could cost you your new job and possible your old job also.

*whatever you do DO NOT criticize the company. no matter how dissatisfied you have become NEVER criticize the company (on social media or in a conversation with anyone). just because you don't enjoy your current career/job doesn't mean you should ever go around criticizing the company, you never know who could hear about you criticizing them and you never know when you will need a job at that company or a job reference.

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