Digital Distraction

53 hours, the amount of time a teenager spends on phones.

Your phone could ruin your life.

Digital distraction is a serious issue with people being glued to their phones. People are able to do something that is easy but make it hazardous by the push of a power button. No one ever gets bored on their phones, so who will make a cure for a deadly disease, or an award winning book? This is a reason digital distraction is a disaster.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?

Yes, digital distraction is a big issue.

Yes, I think digital distraction is a big issue today because people aren't able to know anything around them when they're on a phone. In the text it said they can make simple things like crossing the road or walking on the sidewalk a disaster as they won't see any oncoming dangers. Also the author said that whenever you check your phone while trying to focus on something it can take your brain out of its state of concentration like you had just started working on it.

Dylan Owens 1st hour.

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

It might as people can really have problems doing simple things like walking on a sidewalk but I will only use my phone if I don't need to do anything. An example is if I need to talk to someone and I'm walking on the sidewalk I'll take a minute to stop and talk to them. Besides, I don't want to get into an accident because of a small little device.
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How much is your phone used?

53 hours is the average time a teenager spends on their phone a week. That's about 7.6 hours a day. That is a lot of time being on a phone daily. So, how much is your phone used daily?
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