Honors U.S. History News Letter

By Mr. Ball, Vol. 1, Issue 10, 2/12/16

NHD Complete (Almost)

Exploration, Encounter, & Exchange

Students turned in their final NHD Project, Thursday, February 4.

Our original due date was Thursday, January 28th, but due to the week off from snow we pushed the date back to the following Thursday.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday, February 10 and 11 presenting the projects to the class. For the presentations I asked students to introduce themselves to the class, tell us their topic and thesis, the most helpful piece of evidence they found to help support their thesis, the most interesting thing they learned, their biggest challenge when completing the project, and thank the audience for listening.

After all presentations were complete gave students a clean copy of the project rubric and asked them to evaluate their own work and reflect on their process.

NHD Final Steps

I will have all the projects graded by Tuesday, February 16th. I'll be honest, I am going to grade according to the rubric. What I've seen so far is that many projects are missing their in-text citations, which really impacts every other component of the project. I will give students the opportunity to earn back points that they miss by submitting a project improvement proposal, which will be an explanation of how their project can be improved based on the feedback that I provide them. Students will not be required to make the actual corrections on their project. Improvement proposals will be due Friday, February 19.

Update: With the additional snow day I decided to conduct a class discussion on the changes that each student would make on their projects, instead of the improvement proposals

Optional Assignment: To celebrate the achievements of African-Americans during Black History Month, students have the opportunity to research and present the work of a famous black inventor.

Using the site The Black Inventor On-line Museum (Links to an external site.), students (1) select an inventor, (2) create a brief biography, (3) list their inventions, and (4) describe what life would be like without that inventor/invention. Students must display 1 picture of the inventor or invention, and present their findings to the class. Students are free to create a poster, use PowerPoint, etc., but the only thing that they must display is an image of the inventor or their invention(s). All assignments will be presented Monday, February 22.

Editorial Evaluation

We usually have an Editorial Evaluation due on the second Wednesday of each month, but we did not have one assigned for January because of the NHD project. We will not have one due in February either due to all the snow and having to push back the due date for NHD. Editorial Evaluation #5 is due Wednesday, March 2. Students will submit their assignment electronically through Canvas. I usually require the editorial used to be no more that 30 days old, but for this evaluation students may use an editorial from January or February.

Upcoming Events & Topics

Current Topic

The Great Depression & The New Deal

During this unit we are focusing on the causes of the Great Depression, life during the Great Depression, and the government's solution to end the Great Depression.

We will test on this topics Thursday, February 25.

Causes of the Dust Bowl

Students analyzed several primary source documents about the causes of the Dust Bowl. For their assessment they constructed an illustration of two of the causes.

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