Green Class Newsletter

Room 203

What's New?

It's been a busy week as usual, but it's been nice to have some warm weather for a change! A huge thank you to Mrs. Moy, Mrs. Rabenhorst, and Mrs. Walther for volunteering to lead the Stained Glass Art Adventure this week. The students enjoyed painting a Greenbriar Greyhound on their own stained glass.

After spending long mornings taking the PARCC test, we spent some time in the sun playing Kickball. We had so much fun the students decided to stay after school on Thursday to play a few more innings. My husband even came out to join the fun - it was a blast! They are working on finding a day next week to play again.

Next week we will not have spelling or vocabulary. Enjoy the 3 day weekend - Happy Memorial Day!

Our Learning


This week the students participated in their first round of literature discussion groups on their new novels. I was very impressed with the deep conversations they were engaging in with each other. They also read a Time for Kids article and learned how the Lion Fish is disrupting the balance of life in the Atlantic Ocean.


This week we finished the End of the Year PARCC assessment. Students spent Tuesday and Wednesday taking the test online and showing what they've learned this year in math.

We also continued with Chapter 15 working with 3 Dimensional shapes. Students learned how to draw 3-D cubes and prisms on isometric dot paper. They spent some time playing with unit cubes to build solid figures. Next week we will focus on finding the surface area and volume of solid figures.


In Science this week the students learned about matter changing states. They also watched food color being added to cold and hot water to watch how it reacts differently. In the cold water, the food coloring moves slower- ask your student why. We also watched a Bill Nye video on atoms and molecules.

This week in Science Lab, students discovered what substances make a cookie by testing different powders. They analyzed the powders by comparing how they looked, felt, and reacted to a flame. Students also created hydrogen today by connecting 9 volt batteries together and submerging a wire in water that had an added electrolyte (baking powder). The students observed bubbles form, the water turn blue, and hear a pop when a flame touched the hydrogen.

Ask your Child About....

  • Mr. Toops' "Big Bang" in Science Lab
  • Stained Glass Art Adventure
  • Kickball Games
  • Dance Friday
  • Reading in the Courtyard

Dates to Remember:

  • May 26
  • No School - Memorial Day

  • June 2
  • All library materials due

  • June 9
  • 5th Grade Brunch
  • County Fair

  • June 10
  • End of the Year Assembly

  • June 11
  • Field Day/ Last Day of School