Olympian Team Highlights

Olympian Team Teachers

Parent Helpful Hints

  • Please remind students to wear our team lanyard daily. It is a part of the Plaza Safety Plan and is also used for lunch accounts and entering/exiting the bus.

  • May 30th- Olympians' Student Awards Ceremony 9:00-10:00 am. All parents are welcome to attend.

  • Friday, May 31st-Yearbook signing in the afternoon. All students must sign the yearbook contract.

  • Monday, June 3rd--IMPACT testing for those signed up with parent permission. See Dr. Wright's newsletter below for more information.

  • Tuesday, June 4th-last day for students. PAWS event. See Dr. Wright's email for volunteer sign-up.

School and Team Contact Information

Plaza Middle School


2018-2019 Olympian Team Teachers

Mr. Comstock: Science


(816) 359-5989

Mrs. Elam: Reading


(816) 359-5558

Mrs. Morrow: Resource Reading, Language Arts


(816) 359-6190

Mr. Robke-Language Arts


(816) 359-5855

Mrs. Ward: Social Studies


(816) 359-6704

Mrs. White: Math


(816) 359-5704

Dr. Wright's Parent Newsletter

Weekly Updates

Mr. Comstock: Science

In Science we will begin our last topic Competition in Ecosystems. The final Science test of the year will be May 30-31.

Mrs. Elam: Reading and Mr. Robke: Language Arts

Reading: We are working on author’s perspective and purpose in a nonfiction text. Students will also be exploring the idea of heroes and how they connect across fiction and nonfiction texts. Book search projects, summarizing fiction worksheet, and author’s perspective pretest (if they scored well) will be found on Infinite Campus by the end of the week. If a student did not score well on the pretest, there will be additional lessons and practice before the grade will be entered for that learning goal. IF your student has not completed any of these assignments, you will notice it marked as “missing” in Infinite Campus.

Language Arts: Students will be using story structure, character development, and language techniques that we have learned to create our first narrative piece.

Mrs. Morrow: Resource LA/Reading

Reading: Students are wrapping up comparing/contrasting like texts. All grades will be updated by Monday, June 3rd.

Homework: All reading logs were due. 8-10 logs were required for this quarter.

Language Arts: Digital project over Figurative Language was due Wednesday, May 29th. Students may complete at home and email to Mrs. Morrow by Friday, May 31st.

Mrs. Ward: Social Studies

Students with missing assignments can turn these in for full credit. Also, students can retake tests to raise their grade as well. Please check in with your student to see what work they may have outstanding.

Mrs. White Math

We are moving on to Topic 12: Ratio Reasoning. Students are allowed to move at their own pace throughout this topic, completing at least one lesson each class. We will test next week. Please check Infinite Campus with your child to see if they are missing any assignments or need to complete any test retakes. Life ed or math class can be used to retake tests.

Team Happenings

Lip Dub Pictures

Whip the MAP Assembly

3rd Quarter Awards

April Counselor Meeting

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Stanley Cup and Gold Medal Visit

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