April Team OCD Newsletter

Thank YOU!!!!

Team OCD-I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work this month. Since December I have been in the running for the Leadership trip. Without your help it wouldn't have been possible.

So with that being said: WHO wants to go next year with me???? Let's get a game plan in place and go together!!!!!!!!!!

This year we are going to Hard Rock Cafe Rivera Maya!

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Fall Product Premier June 13

Don't forget to register for the Fall Product Premier. I will be hosting in Columbia
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Lunch after the Fall Premier

Saturday, June 13th, 12:30pm


Come to lunch with us after the premier.


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Hot New Style Setter

You are not going to want to miss out on this bag!!! Host your own party this month so you can get it yourself to show off!
May 2015 Hostess Rewards: Thirty-One Gifts
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Team parties was 15

My parties: 3

Sarah Cowden 3 parties!

Adrienne Smith 2 parties

Emily Frantz 2 parties

Malika Clayton 2 parties

Shalane Blackmore 2 parties

Stacy Frantz 1 party

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Sales Stats

Team Sales for April 2015 were $7430.14

My Sales were $2028.18

Shalane Blackmore $1119.36

Sarah Cowden $753.88

Malika Clayton $750.40

Stacy Frantz $676.98

Adrienne Smith $603.44

Emily Mikels $417.38

Donna McManama $295.36

Kim Walden $264.44

Johnna Smith $236.85

Tiffani Gifford $112.92

Janet Brown $106

Misty Beasley $64.45

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May 2015 Customer Special: Thirty-One Gifts
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$1000 Club

Congrats Shalane Blackmore for 2 consecutive months!