No TeAcHEr LeFt BeHiND!

waiting on the world to change

Waiting On The World To Change


Todays Teachers

There has been much focus and push in education for the No Child Left Behind act. With so much focus on academic progression the students have been the primary point of focus and the pressure on teachers to keep up at times has been overwhelming. Many teachers today are faced with the task of preparing 21st-century learners with yesterday's methodology, lacking the the resources, support and professional development they need.

what do we need?

The Issue

It's time for a CHANGE! No child left behind inturn should equal no teacher left behind! Teachers should be provided with the professional development, technological training and support they need to be able to be prepared to teach 21st century skills to today's students.

How can we fix it?

The solution

The NETS-T provides a standard for teaching 21st century skills to todays students and serves as a model for which educators can base thier peformance on. The NETS-T provides a basis on designing, implementing learning experiences and assessing learning experiences and ensuring that they are engaging and enriching for both the students and the teacher.