Midland Trail Elementary School

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Welcome Back ~ August 2020

Dear MTE Families & Friends,

We hope you had an amazing summer relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends. We are working hard to prepare for students to return on September 8th and 9th.

Please look through this newsletter for some important information!

Aron Attebery, Principal

Leasha Wolterman, Curriculum Administrator


Due to safety, parents will only be permitted inside of the building by scheduled appointment.

Masks will be required for all students and adults in the building.

We will have a new procedure for students who arrive after 8:45 am. All students need a safety check by staff member before entering the building.

  • Parent/Guardian will call school and notify office of late arrival.
  • Staff member will come to front door. Parent will walk student to the door. Student will be screened, and once cleared by staff member, will be sent to classroom.
  • Parents must wait until child is cleared to be in school.

If a parent needs to pick up their child early for any reason (illness or appointment).

  • Parent/guardian will call school ahead of time, or from car in front of building, to ask for student and notify office who is going to pick up student (person must be on approved list).
  • Parent will walk to door and wait for student. Once student is in office, they will be escorted by secretary to vestibule.
  • Parent/approved adult will show I.D.
  • Secretary will verify and then sign student out.
  • Parents will no longer be signing student out w/ signature
  • I.D. must be presented to release student.

If a parent needs to turn in medication to the nurse/school, they will remain in their car and call the office.

  • The nurse/staff member will come out and collect medicine.

Car Riders will be unloaded in the lower lot/near gym.

  • Students will exit the car and wait for staff to perform a safety check.
  • Parents should remain parked until they receive approval from the staff member.

No school parties will occur. No birthday treats should be sent to school.

No parent volunteers will be allowed at this time.

No lunch visitors are allowed at this time.

No Sneak a Peek or Back to School Night. Teachers will post virtual videos for families.

All students will need a reusable water bottle that stays at school. PTA will provide a water bottle, but students may bring a personal one from home as well.

iPads will go home with students each day and need to come to school each day, fully charged.

Monday/Wednesday students will be referred to as RED Day students.

Tuesday/Thursday students will be referred to as GOLD Day students.

A building calendar will be provided for alternating Fridays.

Friday, 9/11 is a RED Day.

Parents will not be permitted to walk students to class. Car riders should always remain in cars and not be walked to the building for any reason.

Blended Learning Model VS. Remote Learning Model

Blended Learning Model

If you choose this option for your child, this means that they will attend MTE in-person 50% of the time and learn remotely 50% of the time. They will attend following the format listed below.

Monday/Wednesday/every other Friday (RED Day)

Tuesday/Thursday/every other Friday (GOLD Day)

Remote Learning Model

If you choose this option, your child will learn 100% at home. A TUSD certified teacher will teach students choosing the remote learning option. Students choosing the Remote Learning Model will be required to complete 400 minutes (6 hours and 40 minutes) a day of school work. Remote Learning will NOT be like the fourth quarter experience.


If students do not keep up with more than six hours of daily assignments their grades will be impacted. At the secondary level this could impact credit acquisition. We will be using the traditional grading systems (A, B, C, etc). They will not get a grade for participation only. Students will have to login to Microsoft Teams for virtual conferences/instruction multiple times daily designated by their teacher. These times will be within the traditional school day. Students that miss this instruction may not understand how to complete work independently. At the elementary level, some independent work assigned may require the assistance of an adult.


Remote students will be required to join their teacher for instruction in Microsoft Teams, multiple times a day. If students fail to login, they will be marked absent. Remote students will also have to submit a daily learning log demonstrating their 400 minutes of school work. Failure to receive a completed learning log will result in an absence. Absences will be recorded and will be subject to the Kansas truancy statute.

Parents choosing remote learning should plan to manage a full day of school work and inform their childcare provider of the expectations of remote learning. Just a reminder that a choice to learn remotely is a first semester commitment. Students will learn in this format until January 15, 2020. Parents last day to adjust their learning model choice is Friday, August 14, 2020. Parents select their learning model in the Infinite Campus Online Registration. Parents that have completed their online registration and would like to make a change should contact their school office or the Office of Student Services.

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School Hours - Arrival & Dissmissal

Our school day starts at 8:45 am and ends at 3:55 p.m. Doors open at 8:20 for students. Those arriving after 8:45 am will be counted as tardy. In the interest of safety, students may not be dropped off/left unattended before 8:20 am.

ANY CHANGES TO TRANSPORTATION must be made prior to 3:00 p.m. to ensure that student and teacher are aware of the change. PLEASE make sure your student(s) and teacher(s) know how they will get home the first day of school.

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We Believe & Achieve in Order to Succeed

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Contacting The School

(913) 288--3500 Office Phones are answered from 8:10 am - 4:10 pm daily. If your child is going to be tardy or absent please let us know.

Student safety is our priority, If visiting in person, make sure you have a mask/face covering and state ID upon entering.