Brain Development

Lilliana Cochrane

Keep It Simple and Natural

  • Changing a diaper-
  • Giving a bath- Making a routine for your baby when giving a bath with help develop the brain.
  • Cuddle, talk, sing to the baby- Babies learn from conversations. Hearing words over and over help their brain develop.

Match Experiences To The Child's Mental Abilities

  • Physical Experiences-Babies learn my physical experiences, just a simple toy for their age will help.
  • A safe interacted toy will help.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Doing simple routines with the baby will help their brain develop.
  • Reading a bedtime story every night will help them learn that it's time to go to sleep.

Actively Involve The Baby

  • Do something with your child that they can do too or interact with.
  • Engage your child in conversation when they are first born and they will love listening to you.

Provide Variety, But Avoid Overload

  • Adding music to playtime can be a great experience.
  • Maybe take your baby to the park once a week to help expose things to them, not too often.

Avoid Pushing The Child

  • Do something that the baby is interested in, don't push to do something the baby doesn't like.
  • Look for cules to what your baby is interested in.
  • Play with their favorite toy that you know keeps thnem busy.


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