Sedona Leadership Retreat

Investing in Our Leaders

We are very excited to announce our FIRST leadership retreat a Learnvest. As we work hard and play hard, we'll be committing our time to the following topics:

  • Learning to lead through change
  • Defining and expressing our AZ voice
  • Strengthening collaboration as a team


1. Please RSVP your attendance before Wednesday, Oct 26 (email Susan)

2. Check in every few days to the honey page for pre-work (it will be a minimal time commitment.... and fun!)

3. Vote for your preference of the below THEMES for the outing.

Option #1: Superhero

Option #2: Explorer


Thursday, Nov. 10th, 6am to Friday, Nov. 11th, 7:30pm

90 Ridge Trail Drive

Sedona, AZ

Please bring:

Comfortable clothing

Jackets for cool weather in the evening

Your Laptop

Results from your prework

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Travel Itinerary

Thursday, Nov 10

6:00am Leave Skysong for Sedona

8:30am Arrive in Sedona

Friday, Nov 11

5:00pm Leave Sedona for Skysong

7:30pm Arrive at Skysong