Special Education Update

LakeVille and Mt. Morris School Districts

IEP "Type"

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying something new! I will be sending periodic "updates" in this new format! Hope you like it!

A problem is cropping up when you select what type of IEP you are doing. Let me clarifyJ

You select initial IEP under two circumstances only:

1. It is a first IEP as a special education student after undergoing an evaluation.

2. It is the first Mt. Morris IEP from an out of state student after undergoing evaluation.

You select annual/review IEP for most IEP’s. This can include a move in student’s first IEP in the district.

You select Reevaluation IEP when a student or new enter from another Michigan district needs his eligibility updated. This is the only way to change the MET date.

If you are unsure which type to choose, please call, text, or email. Call/Text my cell at: 810-845-2908 or email at djackson@geneseeisd.org