Eagle's Eye View

Growing Juntos

Week at a Glance 3-21-16 to 3-25-16

ZIS Vision: One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities

ZIS Mission: We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a global society.

Instructional Focus: CO (the what) /LO (the how) --> Comprehensible Input (manipulatives, visuals, hands-on, videos, linked to past learning, linked to student's background, etc.) --> Student Artifacts (PLAN WITH THE END IN MIND)

Lunes - LOD is Spanish

  • Welcome back!!!!! I have missed you!
  • Weekly Gathering today at 3:45-4:30 (Teachers, please come prepared to share some great things that have been happening in your classrooms. I have already mentioned this to some of you, but know that many of you have amazing things that you are doing in your own classes and I'd love for you to share the wealth. I would like for one person per grade-level to share, but everyone can share if they want! :-) We will also have a quick Advocacy Presentation by Shawna Mott-Wright, TCTA VP, a note from Srta. Butler, and a small discussion about test prep fro 3rd - 5th grades.
  • Today is Benito Juarez's birthday (Mexico). http://www.uaq.mx/historia/juarez/
  • Zumba 4:45-5:45
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias

Martes - LOD is English

  • My principal mentor, Josh Regnier, will be here today from 8:30-10:00. So, you might see us pass by some classrooms, but carry on just as you would normally. No big deal.
  • I will be with Srta. Kaitlin from 10-12 for a budget meeting.
  • COSTCO information will be in the teacher lounge today. Ask Srta. Kaitlin for more information regarding this.
  • Zumba today from 4:45-5:45.
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Miércoles - LOD is Spanish

  • Leadership Team Meeting today at 3:45-4:30 in the library (if available).
  • Zumba 4:45-5:45
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.

Jueves - LOD is English

  • Teach like your hair is on FIRE today! Have fun and know that it is Friday-eve!
  • Zumba 4:45-5:45.
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Viernes - LOD is Spanish

  • 1st grade has free dress today from the bead competition at ¡Viva Zarrow!
  • Today is #MedalofHonorDay (National Medal of Honor Day). Feel free to wear anything that reflects showing honor for our men and women in service, veterans and country. ( http://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/national-medal-of-honor-day-march-25/)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.
  • Online gradebook

    An updated and accurate grade book is an invaluable tool for all educators. It is expected that grade books will be updated on a weekly basis. Please perform a gradebook report on PowerSchool each Friday to ensure grades are not lost when report cards go out. TPS policy requires a minimum of:

    · 2 grades per week for Reading

    · 2 grades per week for Math

    · 1 grade per week for Social Studies

    · 1 grade per week for Science.

    · 4 grades per quarter for Specials subjects

    · Grades from library projects will be infused into the grade book of the subject it is covering as needed.

    Have a GREAT WEEK! You are the best of the best, and I am blessed to be with such great professionals like YOU! This is the best school in the nation!

Teacher of the Week

El Orgullo de Zarrow

Drum roll please..........................................................................................This week's Educator of the Week is Sra. Gallo!!! You get the Principal's parking spot for the week :-)!!!!

Sra. Gallo has had the task of teaching the computer/technology class all year this year! She has been able to teach all of the content required by the school district, collaborate with other teachers as she is teaching all grade-levels, and is even studying for her Master's degree at NSU. I am not sure if she knew whether or not she was actually going to be the teacher for the class instead of a TA, but nevertheless, she has happily accepted this role this year. For this, I could not be more thankful. Also, she always helps Sr. Parkhurst in his concerts with Spanish announcements. She is eagerly involved in all she can be at school, and constantly contributes to a positive atmosphere as she grows as an educator. I am so proud of her!

Sra. Gallo, gracias por compartir su sabiduría de la vida y de su país con nosotros. Siempre está dispuesta a hacer de lo que sea para que tengamos éxito en la escuela. Siempre piensa en los estudiantes y en cómo podemos mejorar su educación. Sobre todo, siempre tiene el bienestar de todos en sus pensamientos. Gracias por ser una persona bien cariñosa y gracias por asumir la responsabilidad de ser una maestra aquí aunque yo no pueda darle a usted la misma atención que doy a los otros maestros. De todos modos le agradezco sinceramente por todo que hace en Zarrow. Usted es una bendición.


Sr. Kellito

Zarrow International Elementary School

One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities