my moms life

a biography

Early days

my mom lived in a bad environment, called Jane and Finch. her neighborhood was bad because there was gangs, guns, drugs, killing/murders. when she was young she wanted to be popular and she wanted to become popular by making other people scared of her in many ways. the result of her doing these things to people lead to her getting into trouble with the law and being taken out of her home.


what changed her life is having her first kid. then she removed her self to a better environment with the help by family ad friends. now is going to school and work and trying to survive with 4 kids with the help of her fiancée. she turned her life around to biring joy to her kids.

what i can do

knowing what my mother has been through I've learned that being the cool and popular guy isn't cool but not smart. I said that I was in and to be in I have to be respectful and follow all the rules of my class and the school. and I have to respect my fellow class mates as long with my teachers.