Surviving the wilderness


The Canadian Flag

Materials that can help you survive.

Tips for surviving the wilderness

If you can you can set up traps and be on the lookout for people,animals,etc.If you hear or see a person signal them with a fire or someway to get there attention.If you don't look out for animals like bears they could attack you or be on a lookout for animals to eat.

If you don't have shelter make one with sticks,rocks and other things so you can at least be a little safe and leave a trail or don't walk far away from your shelter or you can get lost.

What if you don't have a fire lighter? Then find two sticks and rub them together to make a fire.

If you don't have a water purifier then try to find the cleanness water and boil the water with a fire or you can get sap from a tree or get water from the rain(it's the cleanness water you can get.)