Barry 5th Grade - Team Orange

January 25, 2019

Important Dates

January 28

Dividing Decimals Post-test

January 30

PLC - Early Release @ 12:50 pm

February 1

PTSA Dance (6:30-8:30 pm)

*date subject to change


  • Please make sure your child has completed their math assignment each day. Students usually get time in class to work on their assignment, if not it becomes homework.
  • Check out your child's planner to see what they are learning each day!
  • Want to know how your child is doing at school? Look at the Pirate Privilege chart located at the front of their planner. This is where letters are taken for behavior, incomplete/late work, and tardiness.

What's Happening?

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Students will be testing over Topic 6 -Dividing Decimals on Monday, January 28th. We will be starting Topic 7 - Adding & Subtracting Fractions next.

If you feel your student is struggling on math concepts, or you wish for them to have extra practice, have them get on Prodigy. Log-in username and passwords were sent out last week to each student. If you are not familiar with Prodigy, it is an interactive game that most students enjoy to play that helps students practice math concepts! Click here to go to the website.

DO NOT FORGET - Students should be getting on Reflex Math at least 3 times a week until they achieve 100 percent fluency. Once they reach 100 percent fluency, they only have to get on once a week. Click here to go to the website.

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In reading we are currently learning about point of view. Students are looking at first hand and second hand perspectives and will need to be able to answer questions regarding point of view, and also be able to identify all through looking at different texts. We will test over point of view with fiction texts next week and then move on to non fiction texts.
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We just finished up our topic on Earth's systems today. Next week we will start a unit on Earth's water. Students will learn about the water cycle and the different types of fresh water around the world!
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Social Studies

In Social Studies we just wrapped up Native Americans last week. The students did a great job on their group presentations and grades for this will be coming out soon! This week we started our next unit on Explorers. Students will begin learning about 4 explorers, take a test on those 4 next Friday, and then learn about 4 more explorers. Look for a study guide coming home next week!


Mrs. Garcia

ELA and Social Studies

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Mrs. Seevers

Math and Science

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