The Amazing Race

By: Chamari Minnieweather

All Around The World

New Orleans, United States- It is Arctic in Alaska and Tropical in Hawaii. In New Orleans it is jazz based and Mardi Gras. New Orleans is NW of South America.

Chile- It is cool and damp in the south and desert in the north. They enjoy folk music. It is located in the west coast.

South Africa- Here they mostly have sunny days and cold nights. One of the traditions is making baskets and African dancing. It is located on the east coast.

China- It is subarctic in the north and tropical in the south. One of the traditions is to eat Peak Roasted Duck. It is located south of Japan.

Australia- It is tropical in the north. They celebrate ANZAC Day. Gold Coast is located on the east coast of Australia.

United Kingdom- The UK is temperate. They enjoy galleries and fashion. It is located in the south UK.

Dallas, United States- It is located in North Texas. The weather is hotter in the north part of Texas and colder in the south of Texas. Texas is located in the south United States.

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Palace Pace

The Palace Pace will take pace in Santiago, Chile. First the teams of two will have to go the Moneda Palace. There will be a secret room that they must find in the palace. In that room there will be three boxes. The first team will pick a box with a key in it. One of the boxes will have a key that leads to the winning room. If you are the second team to make it to the secret room then there will be 2 boxes left and so on and so for. So hopefully they find the room and pick the right box that leads to a prize.
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Water Wall

This activity will take place in Beijing, China. The teams will have 2 two gallon water jugs at the bottom of the Great Wall Of China. The two team mates will have to carry a water jug all the way to the end of the wall. The teams will race to see who will get to the top first. In the middle part of the wall the teams will have water that is drinkable but don't take to long resting cause the other team can pass you up. The rule is that each team member must be carrying a jug. One person can not do it all.
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Kingdom Ruler

This will take place in London, United Kingdom. The teams of two will have to choose which one of them is going to play as Queen (Girl) or King (Boy) first. The King or Queen will be standing on the side. There will be 4 challenges. The Queen or King will choose which of the challenges his or her worker (partner) will do. Once they have done the challenge then they switch jobs. The worker can not influence the Queen or King to pick a certain job for them. There time will be calculated during the entire time. Once They are done the next team will go and be timed. The person with the longest time will be eliminated.

Some of the challenges:

  • run 50 meters while pulling a crate will heavy rocks inside
  • eat Jellied eels (popular food in UK)
  • Queen or King has to lead the Worker to the end of a obstacle course only using words while they are blindfolded

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Basket Silence

This will take place in Durban, South Africa. Each team will have to make a South African basket using wire. There will be a expert helping each team, but they only can help using words. The last team to finish will be eliminated. The other down side is hat the teammates must stay quiet the whole time. Don't worry this will be a beginners basket to make.
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Surfs Up

This task will take place in Queens Land, Australia. The teams of two will have to compete to see which team can ride a wave first. Once the first person as rode a wave the next person has to go. Once they are done they have go through a mini obstacle course of the beach. SURFS UP!
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Relationships to Culture

Palace Pace- La Moneda Palace is important is is were the president of Chile is located. It is very important to Chile cause of its bombing and other things that happened there in the 1800s.

Water Wall- One of the greatest places in China is the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall protects China's states and empire.

Kingdom Ruler- In the UK they go by kings and queens and that is there culture. So in the game it is based off of kings and queens and workers.

Basket Silence- South Africa is known for their baskets and that is something really apart of there culture so in the challenge they are trying to make one of the South African Baskets.

Surfs Up- The Gold Coast is known for its beaches. The things there is to go surfing and other things in that degree. So the challenge is based off the beach and they compete by surfing.