France plays mostly classical music. classical music is like slow music and violins. Below is a picture of a baritone/saxophone player. He is playing classical music on the streets. This is how some people in France make a living and provide for their familys.
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Some landmarks in France are the effile tower which is located in Paris. The another landmarks is Dune of Pyla,

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The u.s.a has a federal republic. France is able to just announce a law while the u.s.a has to go through the process of signing a bill into a law. France's government official's are rarely voted in by the people. most of the time the government official's just decide who will come into office. In our government we decide most of the stuff based on what the people want.

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Currency (money)

France uses euros in stead of an united states dollar. euros look like the image below.
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unique jobs

one unique job is a Flavorist. And Color Expert. and Body Painter. And Nail Polish Namer.


France is one of the EU’s major importers and exporters. France is the second largest exporter in the world of both services and farm products.