erica's singing classes

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our store sells all instruments and we do singing and dancing classes for children 1-16

HI my name is Erica and i am here to tell you that my store is now open on this date of: April 9, 2016 in germantown, Philadelphia the address in 2017 north Montgomery avenue we also love children so much we keep them safe here. we love your costumer value. we also specialise in guitar practice and piano practice. you guys are our number one customers who can help make our business big and spread across the united states.

what we do or practice in our store

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we love you girls out there who can sing and we also you boys who can play really good on them instruments. we also say when you come you get 50% off every lesson and 40% off discount when you buy or order online for a singing teacher or a instrument!!!!

we want you do and adorably

hi, thank you for listening and we really want all the girls out there to join us in our adventure and help us help you become very famous and a cool person of interest!??!