Howard Happenings

October 15, 2018

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Chronic Attendance Update-16%

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Our goal for the year is 19% chronic attendance (37 students) currently we are at 16% (31 students)

Let's continue our work of reaching out to students who are absent and letting them know all the great things they have missed.

Shout out to Carranza (80%) and Plummer (77.3%) for having the highest satisfactory attendance.

Shout out to Mathis (7.4%) and Plummer (9.1%) for having the lowest chronic attendance.

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Shout Out To:

Friedman, Lindsey, and Amanat for supporting each other and ensuring students have a great experience.

Important Information-ALL

Just a reminder that TAG and Play Fighting are not allowed during recess.

Important Information-Teachers

All teachers being evaluated, please send me an invite for a formal observation this month.

Best Practice of the Week - Do Nows

Do Nows:
  • can either be a review of previous material or a prep for upcoming material
  • should be able to be done independently by students
  • only should take 10 to 15 minutes of instructional time
  • should be consistent

Resources below.

Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Amanat

Upper Yard-Baker Nash


Monday 10/15
  • Cost Meeting 11 to 12
  • Faculty Council 3 to 4

Tuesday 10/16

Wednesday 10/17

  • Minimum Day
  • Howard Professional Learning 2 to 3:30
  • Howard Collaboration 3:30 to 4

Thursday 10/18

  • Williams Off Site-Principal Professional Learning.
  • Family Game Night 6 to 7:30

Friday 10/19

  • Holiday-No School

Professional Learning 10/17


Teachers will utilize Math curriculum tools to plan for strong data-based math instruction.

Please bring:


Math Expressions Book

Math Core Curriculum Book

Cycle 2 Overview

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Upcoming October Events


10/30--SSC Meeting

10/31-Halloween Parade

Upcoming November Events

11/5--Grocery Giveaway

11/7--Hoot and Holler

11/9--Minimum Day End of the 1st Trimester

11/9--Lockdown Drill

11/12--No School Veterans Day

11/13--Fire/Earthquake Drill

11/14--Report Cards Due by 4 pm

11/15--Grocery Giveaway

11/16--Vision Screening

11/19 to 11/23--Thanksgiving Break

11/26 to 11/27--Minimum Days Howard Professional Learning

11/28 to 11/30--Minimum Days Parent Teacher Conferences