Come to The Great Lake States



The weather here is amazing, in the summer at the Great Lakes it can be over 100 degrees, so you might want to wear shorts and short sleeves. And in the winter, it can be below -10 degrees, so you would want to wear pants and a thick jacket. Fall and spring, aren't cold but also not hot. It can rain every few days here so bring an umbrella.

States and Major Cities

The states in the Great Lakes region are, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. The major cities in this region are, Detroit, Wayne, Cleveland and Chicago. Come on down to one of states, they are all beautiful and filled with interesting activities.

Major Landforms

In the Great Lakes region there are lots of plains and small hills. There is one plateau in this region.

Plains: located in all states in the Great Lakes region.

Hills: Most of the hills in the Great Lakes region are around some type of water like the Mississippi river or the Great lakes.

Plateau: There is only one plateau in this region and it is located on the western side of Lake Superior.

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Major Bodies of Water

The five great lakes are connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the St. Lawrence river. Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Superior. There is also the Mississippi river, Ohio river and the Missouri river. So come down to one of these lakes, they're super fun and have many unique things about them.

The Five Lakes

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Natural Wonder

A natural wonder is Lake Erie. Lake Erie is one of the largest bodies of fresh water.

Lake Erie boarders Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Lake Erie is an important lake it is one of largest bodies of fresh water.

You should come visit Lake Erie because this lake is the most unique waterway. You can go fishing in this lake too. Also, this lake provides drinking water.

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Tourist Attraction

Come to Michigan Soo Locks. Michigan Soo Locks is a boat tour.

Michigan Soo Locks is located in Ste. Sault Michigan.

Michigan Soo Locks is interesting because you can watch fire works, go fishing and golf. You should come here because it is full of history and beauty.

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Resources in This Region and Products That are Manufactured

Illinois: Illinois has the greatest amount of transportation.

Chicago: Chicago has the most important rail and trucking center in the United States.

Iowa: Iowa has the most Iowans working in jobs related to farming.

Michigan: Michigan is home to the three largest car companies in America.

Minnesoda: Minnesoda produced more than half the worlds iron ore.

Missouri: Missouri, manufacture of transportation equipment like railroad cars, aircrafts, spacecrafts and fire engines.

Don't these states sound interesting? Well then come on down to one of them and come see for yourself how interesting they really are.

Major Crops

Some of the major crops in this region are, corn, soybeans, cattle, hogs, dairy, wheat and nursery products.

How Does Landform Effect How People Live

The landforms here in this region, effect how people live because the land here is mostly flat so there are lots of farms in the Great Lakes.