The Scottish immigration to Canada


The Scottish people

The Scottish people were the nation and socially defined ethnic group. They came from amalgamation, they came from two groups the Picts and Gaels who found kingdom of Scotland(Alba) in the 9th century.

Immigration to Canada

The Scots immigrated to Canada in steady. Some Scots came to Canada for better job as a farmer. Immigrants who arrived after 1759 were mainly highland farmers who had been forced off their crops to make way for sheep grazing due to agricultural. The Scottish started to come to Canada in the early 17th century. Scots immigration to Canada still went on into the 20th century and grew the Scottish population to over 1 million by 1930 .

Experiences they had while moving to Canada

The Scottish people experienced life was difficult in Canada because locust would always eat all their crops. Often the rivers, oceans and streams flooded.

Cultural that they brought to Canada

Most of the Scottish people were farmers, artisans, a large number of business and professional people were included especially teachers and church members. Scots were highly visible in politics and business. They dominated the fur trade, timber trade, banking and railway management. The Scots created many educational institutions. This is the case with Dalhousie College in Halifax. Several Canadian places names refer to Scottish cultural and personalities of Scottish origin, Scottish cultural has also captured the imagination of Canadians literature.