Human Dependance Project

2 Main issues

1. The timber industry has a downfall

2. There is a lack of water

Negative effects on the enviorment

Many people lose there jobs and the animals dont get enough water to drink causing death

where in the U.S. is drought right now?

You will find more droughts towards the west of the U.S. right now

What wildlife is affected?

All wildlife is affected becuase there is a lack of water

Can it affect this area?

Yes it has happened before and can happen again, though currently we are fine.

Are People affected by drought?

Yes there is a lack of water which makes the price of water rise, Which means the less fortunate get screwed over

What causes drought?

A lack of rain in an area

How are people solving drought?

No ones really solved it, but you can make sure you have plenty of water

My Solution

A Global organization that gives supplied water to people in need
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