Character Texturing & Rendering

Lianne Tremblay

Base Mesh Renders

Pre-Visualization Playblast


Colour Pallets

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The colour palette for my first monster is reds, whites and blacks- the classic formal wear colours. The blues, whites and golds of the other creature compliment the first and give the smaller creature a lighter feel.

Lighting Style Examples

Texture Examples

Character Render


While working on this piece I came across several issues- many of them Maya crashing. I attempted to use the fur plug-ins that were already within Maya but found that slowed the program down and eventually crashed it- I decided to scrap the entire fur idea entirely. I hit another snag with trying to add a bump map using Volume Noise and eventually created a noise map in Photoshop and applied it that way.

The biggest issue I had with this assignment was time, and I feel could have made this project a whole lot better and fit my pre-visualization a lot better if I had had more time to work on it.