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The study of people's efficiency in their working environment is what ergonomics is. When you get injured or hurt while working or feel unsafe where you work what helps is you is OSHA.

What you could be Doing

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Examples of how OSHA helps

OSHA helps when you need to clean a bathroom at work but don't have gloves or proper tools OSHA gets you those tools or they make it so you can sue your boss for telling you to do that.

  • The right to a safe work place
  • The right to know hazardous chemicals
  • The right to report injures
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Quote from Mahatma Gandi

''It is health that is real

wealth and not pieces of

gold and silver.''

When OSHA was Founded

Wednesday, Sep. 1st 1971 at 6:15pm

United States

In 1971 OSHA was created to help all who may get injured in work.