What is the Best Way to Shoot?

By: Markus Martin


What shooting style is the most accurate way to make a basket from the free throw line? Over head, chest, or between the legs.


My hypothesis is shooting from the chest will be the best. I think this because I play basketball and that is how they taught us how to shoot.


I had three people shoot from the free throw line. Each person shot 10 times over their head, ten shots from the chest and also 10 shots by throwing from between the legs.

My Data

Person #1 made 3 of 10 overhead, 3 of 10 from chest and 1 of 10 between the legs. Person #2 made 1 of 10 over head, 1 of 10 from the chest and 1 of 10 from between their legs. Person #3 made 0 of 10 from over head, 3 of 10 from chest and 0 of 10 from between the legs.


The chest shot was more accurate than the over head and between the leg shot. My hypothesis was correct.