Amazing April!!

Celebrating a fabulous month!


April came in like a lamb and went out like a lion with nearly $230,000 in sales, 69 new tribe members, 130 Stylists qualified and 5 Promotions!!! So much to celebrate!!!
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We are so glad you are here!!!

Welcome to team StarStudded!! We are so glad you are on this journey with us and can't wait to see where it leads you!!!

Tracey Lilly

Jennifer Bremer

angela cleary hansel

Bevin Van Wassenhove

Deborah Morris

Janie Kearns

Sara Rapier

Charli Crawford

Victoria Moneyhun

Jordan Glass

Tiffany Pirolozzi

Brittany Gross

Claire Frimming

Elizabeth Erickson

Sara Barry

Cheryl Jennings

Amanda Osuna

Andrea Austin

Monica Perez

Christina Taylor

Michelle Valen

Mary Katherine Noe

Kristen Cayze

Christina Canale

Jessica Smillie

Patti Gonzales

Nicole Fletcher

Lisa Gotte

Victoria Casas

Phaeriba Boesing

Yesenia Bloch

Ashley O'Connell

Valerie Drasdo

Janice Newton

Isabel Aguila

Krystal Crooymans

Andrea Albini

Heidi Nielsen

Eun Jong Cho

Bernadette Haring

Arah Lordanich

Courtney Bragg

Erika Fischer

Tara Ferrell

Brandi Freeman

Lori McClain

Chanda Franck

Crystal Hoyt

Cathy Norris

Vickie Creech

Newassa Martin

Kelsey Bostic

Hannah Smith

Patricia Jones

Sharissa Jones


Mickayla Earp

Tasha Hall

Patrese Reed

Lori Thornsberry

jaime good

Erin Cook

Kourtni Young

Hillary Harkins

Narnia Soles

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We Were All Cheering You On!!

Congrats to the following ladies who promoted in April!

Liz Urso - Star Stylist

Lauren Ayvazian - Star Stylist

Leah Scott - Senior Stylist

Shelley Gibbons - Lead Stylist

Courtney Justice - Lead Stylist

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Congrats to these ladies who sold $2500+

Courtney Shannon

Sharon McAndrew

Nicole McNamee

Kelli Kay

Liz Urso

Tatum Gangi

Mufyn Lynn

Ashley Shamblin

Jaynee Buss

Abby Masinter

Lindsey Rhoades

Brie Hubbs

Lindsay Martin Nez

Kristen Dudczak

Erin Wesson

Jennie D'Alessandro

Heather Gladson

Erica Kauter

Shelli Enright

Leah Scott

Paulina Gouzy

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Talk about Fierce...

Congrats to these ladies who showed us all what it means to be unstoppable and fierce -

Sally Neff $6,388

Barb Fogel $7,752

Kim Powers $8,049

Dona Lanier $5,871

Lauren Ayvazian $5,936

Madelon Lanier $9,077

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Look who will be sporting some new bling

Sally Neff

Barb Fogel

Dona Lanier

Madelon Lanier

You all rock!!!

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Not only is Madelon Lanier sporting some new bling, she has earned a spot on Glam 2017!!! Congrats Girl!
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Mark your calendar.

Our own fabulous Danielle Redner will be showcasing Stella & Dot on QVC next week. This is really more of a brand awareness campaign - an extended commercial with some shopping thrown in! Remember what Undercover Boss did for your business? This should have the same result! Why not schedule an Meet Stella & Dot Coffee Chat in the days following to capitalize?

You all are the best!

Everyday I am so grateful that I get to sell what I love with people who inspire me!!! Thanks so much for all you do!



Courtney Shannon, Senior Director and Founding Leader