Crawl Through Malone's History

8th Grade History Trip

Malone's History

As the 8th grade STEAM Team journeyed through Malone they had taken photo's of interesting historical items and features. The STEAM Team had crawled through the tunnels underneath the First Congregational Church, into the bowels of where they had hidden the escaped slaves as part of a stop on the railroad. As the Team had traveled to the park, Arsenal Green, and had witnessed a Union Soldier going through his routine loading his weapon, they were in awe. Join us on our Crawl Through Malone's History!

Our Crawl Through History

Crawl through Malone's History

Thank you for bringing us on our Crawl Through History

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Maeve Maguire, Dane Miller, Dominic Reome, Chase Robare, Infamous I, Jacob Shonyo, Sully Bilow, Nathan Mulverhill, Damion Snyder, Jacob Peryea, Dylan Cayea, Lindsay Crouch, Allycea Mainville, Ms. Moore and Mr. Santamore.