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Week of December 17th, 2018

Last Newsletter of 2018

I can't believe it! The end of the second 9 weeks is here already! In case you missed it the grading period ends the 20th. If you enter grades or standards after that please change the date to reflect the grading period end, otherwise you'll put everything into quarter 3 and that'll be a nightmare! If you have a student that is struggling academically, behaviorally, or both please please please make sure you are contacting parents. Just sending a note home with a student isn't enough. Take the time to call and make contact with parents, it makes it WAY easier on all of us if we do this! If you would like me to sit in the room when you call I can always do that to support you.

Last Friday!

I can't thank you all enough for everyone who pitched in and helped make Friday a special day for Jaq. I tell people all the time, that I have THE best staff members in the nation HANDS DOWN! School isn't just about grades, tests, and reading levels. It's about WAY more than that and I know you all get it! Caring about our students and being compassionate to them sometimes is the most important thing we can teach our students!

Reminders From Our Custodial Staff

  • The fridge will be cleaned out over break. EVERYTHING left will be thrown away. If you have something in the fridge please get it out before you leave on Thursday.
  • Over Break please make sure you close your blinds (should do this nightly anyways)
  • Have students do a quick sweep of the floors before school is out! This will help Rhoda and Kerry not have to stop sweeping to pick up items that don't belong in the sweepers!
  • Please unplug everything from the wall receptacle over break. Doing this can help us save money and energy.

Character Counts Assembly

Note from Mrs. Folland:

We will have our assembly on Tuesday, December 18th at 1:45 in the gym. I will invite parents of the t-shirt winners to attend. The agenda will be: recognize the t-shirt winners, presentation from the first grade team, and guest speaker, Bob Amber will talk about fairness.

Please wear your burgundy and white character counts shirt (super man logo) and jeans. Don't forget your crazy socks!

Christmas Lunch

There will be a catered Christmas Lunch from 11:00-1:30 on Wednesday the 19th. All food is provided, you only need to bring your favorite (school appropriate) drink! You should have received a flyer in your email the other day.

Schedule Committee

We will meet Monday morning in the robotics room. Please be ready to help me create what your grade level day looks like currently. Thanks!

Reading Levels/NWEA

Most students have been leveled and tested and the results are looking GREAT! You all have worked very hard to help students achieve and I want to thank you on their behalf! Keep pushing students to grow!

Important Dates

12/18: ED students on field trip. Mr.Morgan and Mr. Koontz will be gone for part of the day

12/18: School Board Meeting @ 5:00 at Central Office

1/29: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

1/30: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

2/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

2/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

3/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

3/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

4/12: Mobile Dentist Follow Up

4/16: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

4/17: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

5/8: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

5/9: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

Please send me any important dates as you get them!

Thank You For "Sacrificing Me" For Our Students