Nuclear Fusion As Energy Discovery

December 12, 2015- Baeza Laboratories

What we found out

Baeza Laboratories, stationed in the piedmont region of North Carolina, have been working diligently to unravel the mystery of harnessing nuclear fusion as an energy source. This mystery has been solved and we are pleased to announce our findings. Extreme temperatures and magnetic fields are needed for this complex process. Atomic nuclei are fused together to form a bigger nucleus. Hot plasma and hydrogen isotopes are necessary in a circuit. Neutrons in the reaction supply energy that is then captured, and heat transfer fluid recovers the heat on the outside to transfer it to a secondary circuit. This circuit generates steam used to produce electricity. This is a life changing scientific discovery that will impact many lives positively. We would like to thank all research companies and scientists who have participated in this discovery throughout our years in the laboratory.

How does this work? Is it safe?

Nuclear fusion has already been around for millions of years and makes all life possible, as this is the way that the sun and stars provide their own energy. Nuclear fusion is different than nuclear fission because fission is unstable and splits nuclei apart, whereas fusion lightly brings them together. Harnessing nuclear fusion as a sustainable energy source is a safe process. This process has been studied by numerous scientists throughout history, such as Marie Curie. The reaction will not work if all conditions are not in perfect balance. The only potential risk is a leak of the radioactive chemical tritium, but such small amounts of this chemical are used that the risk is hardly one at all.

Economic Impact

Nuclear fusion is a sustainable energy source. This discovery can eliminate need for other non-renewable energy providers when it is fine tuned. Energy needs throughout the whole world can be provided from nuclear fusion. Economically, it will take money to invest in building nuclear fusion safe structures, but this feat can be accomplished. The pay off from building reactors will be repaid many times over in savings and sustainability. This way of energy does not harm the environment and has extremely low CO2 emissions, if any are even measurable. The lack of pollution in the air will help the environment to slowly repair itself over time. Multiple energy providers have already contacted us interested in bringing us to the market. We strive to leave a positive impact on the planet.