Critique of Flipped Lesson 2


Part 1: Reflect on what you see

What went well in the video?

  • The opening objectives are clearly explained at the beginning of the video. These objectives were met throughout the video. There was a lot of information presented but this information can be used as a quick study guide due to its density.

What did you see that you would steal for videos in the future?

  • The learning targets explanation at the beginning and listed within the presentation. This allows each student to know what to expect within each slide transition.

What would you have done differently?
  • A little more time to read the slide between transitions. The slides were read but were quickly skipped on to the next one. I do like that she reminded us to pause the video and read the slides so this counteracted with problem. Great problem solving!

Part 2: Think about student learning

Was the learning goal accomplished?

  • Yes the learning goals were presented and accomplished throughout the video. Each slide represented a new learning goal which was explained. There was also an explanation that this lesson would stem into the classroom.

Was the information presented clearly and concisely?
  • Yes, the information was presented in a format in which the students and any individual could watch the lesson and gain knowledge. The lesson had a beginning, middle and an end which all connected together to represent the learning goals.