Medical Lasers

By: Vimal Bola

Historical Facts and what Medical Lasers are?

Medical Lasers help treat and/or remove tissues using focused light. The first laser was built in 1960 by Dr. T.H.Maiman. The first few experiments with the laser were a disappointment, controlling power output / delivery of laser energy was very difficult. It was easier with the gas laser. In the early 1980s , small and powerful laser became available in local hospitals. C02 were very common lasers used for cutting and vaporizing. Lasers made it possible to treat conditions that were considered difficult to treat / impossible.

How do they work?

Laser use heat and light beams. The light used for lasers are not like normal light tubes , this light is more focused and sharp than other regular light tubes. The laser is places on the humans skin and the beam of light aims right at the spot of the injury. Lasers can be used for relieve symptoms of cancer, improve vision, hair removal,seals blood vessels , removes moles , birthmarks and etc...


Laser therapy takes less time and helps patients heal faster. As well as it creates less pain and recently has been the most influential technological development in human history.