Mocktail Garden Party

The Classiest Event of the Semester


2:00 pm: Mocktail Social Starts

2:01pm-3:59pm: Everyone has a rip roarin' good time

4:00pm: Mocktail Social Ends

Mocktail Garden Party (The Epitome of Class)

Sunday, Sep. 22nd, 2pm

Weatherhead Courtyard

Tired of going to the Boot and watching the future leaders of America share sweat on the dance floor as they gyrate uncontrollably to below-par pop music?

Then join us on Saturday September 22 at 2pm in the Weatherhead Courtyard for an afternoon of fun and class...all without alcohol!

Residents are encouraged to dress up for the event in cocktail attire, though everyone is welcome as is!!

There will be

-A Photo Booth




-Alcohol awareness games

-A representative from the Honors Department to answer any and all questions you may have!!