Describing The Universe

In terms of time, distance, and organization

What is Astronomy ?

Astronomy in my own word is the study of every celestial body in the universe for example, galaxy's there are billions of them and the galaxy's also have smaller celestial body's they have dust, solar systems, stars and much more. Astronomy could also lead humans to meat new worlds and discover many interesting places and also new life.


1. Indentify the visible and nonvisible light parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

2. Compare refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes.

3. Explain how telescopse for nonvisible electromanetic radiation differ from light telescopses.

Describing Visible light and invisible light on E.M Spectrum

The Electromagnetic spectrum is the frequency or wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Electomagnetic spectrum has two tipes of light ones that is called visible light and one that is invisible light. The spectrum has many wavelengths that are measured and are named in order by its radiation.

The visibe light is only visible to the human eye it is also broken up into different colors. The visible light has various of colors it has red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and violet. The visible light is in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum and it hase good wave.

The invisible light is invisible to the eye of the human, we use special instrument to detect the wave lengths. There are big wave and short wave, the big waves are less dangerous to the human body and, and the short wave are the most dangerous to the human. There are radio waves , micro waves, inferred waves, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Descibing Refracting with Reflecting telescopse

The refracting telescope is a telescope that uses light to gather and focus light from distant objects.To start with, the telescope has a huge optical lense to gather and bend light from distant objects. It's also problems on building the lenses of the telescope because it is hard to make a huge 36 inch optical lens, it is also heavy to to put in parts.

The reflecting Telescope uses a curved mirrior to gather light from distant objects. The first Reflecting telescope that was invented was in the mid-1600 it was made by this man named Isaac Newton. The reason they invented the Reflecting telescope was because making the mirror was much more easer to make .

Describing Invisible Light Telescopes and space based Telescope

There are to types of of telescopes that detect invisible light they are underground telescopes and space based telescopes for example the telescopes that is in space is called the Hubble, scientist say its better to have telescopes in space than in the ground because inside the Earth the clouds and dust could detects X-rays and gamma rays because of the reflection of the cloud and dust.

The invisible telescope is a telescope inside the world and it detects all the radiation inside the world. The ground based telescope could detect radio waves, micro waves, X-rays, gamma rays, and inferred radiation. Many of the radiation in space could not be detected by the ground based telescope because of the clouds and dust reflects the waves.

The space based telescopes detects all the radiation in space the one that is orbiting in Earth is called "The Hubble" it is a visible light telescope and also a invisible light telescope. The radiation in space comes from the sun and from other stars that are far away from our solar system. The scientist build the Hubble telescope do to the poor detection of the radiation in underground the telescope.