Minimum Wage

By: Madison Sykes

Minimum wage in North Carolina is $7.25 an hour. Throughout many years it’s the highest it’s ever been. It started off at as low as 0.25 cent.

Minimum wage is very relate able to supply and demand. If a company has to many workers the demand will go down for them. So therefore they can pay you the least amount they want to. They could also just fire but that would make the supply of workers go down.

If you work some where that you get tips you payment per hour can be different. Your employer can pay you even as low as 2 dollars depending on how they do their tips.when your payed minimum wage its basically for people who don't normally get tips and just started working.

North Carolina is working now on making the minimum wage rate about 10 dollars now. Some people are for it but some aren't. if they did raise it, it could impact a lot of people. Not just people who just make minimum wage but also people who make more because their pay could raise depending on their employer.