Elmwood Update

December 15, 2021

We are Ready for This!

We were hoping that we wouldn't need to go remote, but the time is here. This Elmwood Update is to help ease the way for the next few days until break. Now is a great time to get Chromebook Insurance for your child's device. It's inexpensive and covers any unexpected event that may occur. Believe me, I'm glad I got it for my kids! It certainly came in handy when my son dropped his Chromebook and broke the screen! Stay healthy and well! We will pull through as the amazing Elmwood Team we have been all year. Remember, YOU are included, our Amazing Elmwood Parents!


1. Have your child log into his/her teacher's Google Classroom by 8:30am. If you have any troubles logging in, reach out to your teacher via Remind

2. If your child has lost his or her QUICKCARD, your teacher will help you. Again, contact your child's teacher via Remind

3. If you did not receive a device, you may pick one up at Elmwood between the hours of 8am and 2:00pm

4. If you need a charger for your device you can pick one up at Elmwood, too!

5. Hang in there! We are all working together and will be patient for any glitches that may occur as we ease our way through remote learning. We love our kids and our families. We are here for you!


Remember, each district device is connected to a program called Go Guardian. This enables our teachers to see what our kids are searching online. If your child is searching for inappropriate content after school hours, it will notify Mrs. Abraham and will send her a screen shot of what your child was attempting to access. Please remind your children to be safe and appropriate online! If I see that your child is misusing the internet, I will contact you right away!

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