How to make a paper flower!

With Enrique Plancarte

Why is it important?

The reason this procedure is needed is to give to someone special in any occasion.


  • Scissors
  • Red tissue paper
  • A fuzzy stick

Step 1

Cut your tissue paper into 6 squares that measure 4 inches each and stack them.

Step 2

When you have your 6 tissue papers stacked, start folding them front and back until you have a strip of tissue paper.

Step 3

Place your fuzzy stick in the middle of the strip of paper and wrap it around, then cut and shape the two ends of the paper to half circles.

Step 4

Once you have cut and shaped half circles at both ends of the paper, grab both ends and start making the shape of a rose. As a result, you should end up with a rose that you could give to anyone.


I hope you take this advice and start making a homemade flower and even teach it to other people that want to give a gift to someone but they do not have the right money and time to go to the store.
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