Maple Park Middle School October 23, 2015


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Here you will find information to help your child be successful as well as school information such as Red Ribbon Week October 26-29: Pledge to be Drug Free!

  • Monday, Oct. 26: Red T-shirt Day
  • Tuesday, Oct. 27: Red Accessory Day
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28: Red Twin Day
  • Thursday, Oct 29: Red Color Block Day (wear all red)

Social Studies--Mrs. Barron

This coming week in Social Studies we will be starting our unit on Ancient Egypt. The students have been asking me about this topic since the first day of school and they are so excited that we are finally going to learn about Mummies, Pyramids and King Tut… oh my! Students will have an Interactive Notebook with all of the work for this unit, so please ask them to see it so they can show off what they are learning about! Please also check PowerSchool so you can keep up to date on your student’s grades in all of their classes.

English Language Arts--Mrs. Swisher

This week we have started our 2nd unit over evidence based claims. We will use Steve Jobs’ Stanford University commencement address as our main mentor text. Students will be able to form an evidence based claim using experience, scientific, and textual based evidence.

Book Talk Projects

On Tuesday, students were given information in regards to their first book talk project that is due November 23rd. They will be required to read one book that is on their reading level, and complete one of the 12 projects. Please ask your child more about this!

Math--Mrs. Finger

Good Day!

I realize that mathematics is difficult for many. I am here to help! Assessments are being weighted more heavily (50% of their grade) to see if your student has the concepts accurately. I allow the students to retake the assessments as many times as they need. They need to see what misconceptions they have about the concepts, and make those corrections. If your child needs more help, I am available before school!

We are working on the following:

Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions.


Interpret and compute quotients of fractions, and solve word problems involving division of fractions by fractions, e.g., by using visual fraction models and equations to represent the problem. For example, create a story context for (2/3) ÷ (3/4) and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient; use the relationship between multiplication and division to explain that (2/3) ÷ (3/4) = 8/9 because 3/4 of 8/9 is 2/3. (In general, (a/b) ÷ (c/d) = ad/bc.) How much chocolate will each person get if 3 people share 1/2 lb of chocolate equally? How many 3/4-cup servings are in 2/3 of a cup of yogurt? How wide is a rectangular strip of land with length 3/4 mi and area 1/2 square mi?.

Science--Ms. Peterson

This week we received our Unit 3 Flexbook and spent the week learning about photosynthesis. Next week we will begin learning about Characteristics of Living Things. We will also do some activities to help us review the scientific method. Students should have brought home an essay they wrote about helping endangered species which they were to share with someone at home before turning in. I hope you had a chance to look at these and discuss with your child his/her opinion on the topic!