Gone to Texas

Meaghan Cloud

Debt got you Down?

  • In Texas, We give you time to repay your debt!
  • Buy some land to get started and then pay us as you go along!
  • It's easy and we have some cheap land!

Land Policy

  • If you are a farmer, You will receive 177 acres or a labor
  • If you are a cattle rancher, You will receive 4,428 acres or a sitio
  • As soon as you are qualified, you will be given a land title!

Requirements of Colonists

Of coarse you will have to follow Mexico's Qualifications so you have to be:

  • Catholic
  • A Mexican Citizen
  • You have to follow Mexican laws

Description of Land in Texas

The land in Texas is:

  • Plentiful
  • Has rich Soil
  • Great for Farming


  • In the United states, You have to pay $1.25 For just one acre of land!
  • In Texas, It only costs 12.5 cents!

Texas, The Best State

In Texas you don't have to worry about people nagging on and on about your debt and your family. Come to Texas, we give you time and we will love having here!