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2015-2016 Conference Week is in the books!

Thank you for meeting with every family this week! Everyone is starting to look weary and tired-please look forward to Monday off and a fun day of professional learning on Tuesday! Next week will be a short teaching week too! Please make sure to take care of yourselves during this busy week.

There are a few changes to Magers Memo. I will no longer be entering dates and the duty schedule. The button below is the direct link to our new Sequiota Google Calendar (can I get a what, what?!)! I have shared my google calendar so you can access the school calendar through the end of the school year at any time! I don't have all dates added yet but will add dates as I find time (November is complete).

The duty schedule will also be on the calendar on Sunday of each week. There are a few different views for you. You can view the calendar by day, month or week. You can also download the google calendar app on your phone so you will have our schedule at your fingertips at all times!

I am excited about this new change and I think it will improve communication! You can also access the calendar from our Canvas page at the "Calendar" tab. This tab will take you directly to our calendar. If you click the button below and it will not allow you access, please send me an email and I can add you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

This week is the start of our "Sequiota Spotlight"! Each week I will spotlight 1 staff member and recognize them for something they are doing in their classroom/position. I can't wait to celebrate and share the awesome things happening at Sequiota!

Lastly, another new addition to Magers Memo and Canvas is the "Feedforward" button. This is a short document you can fill out weekly to provide feedback to me. The form can by anonymous or you can add your name. You can find the form on Canvas under the "Feedforward" button, and I will add the button to my weekly Memo for your convenience. Input is important to me and I will be checking the form weekly. Thank you for providing "feed-forward"!

Sequiota School Calendar

Click here to access the school calendar!


Please use this form to provide feedback. You can fill this form out at any time!


This week's spotlight is on Sarah Schofield! Sarah is taking lots of risks with her students and in her own personal learning. Last week Sarah embedded a different Padlet for each Health Unit in Canvas for her students to collaborate around to review for a test. Sarah has also been experimenting with Google using Google slides, and figured out how to create a list and send that list using Google! Sarah has also been using Twitter to "tell her class story"! Sarah has been a collaborative Goal Team member, positive about PBL and willing to share her ideas to support her colleagues. Sarah has figured out how to use technology as a tool to increase student collaboration and cover necessary material. All I can say is..."This girl is on fire!" (I added the song below for your enjoyment!)! Thank you Sarah for "keeping your feet on the ground and burning it down!"
Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Lyrics)

Five Strategies For Increasing Positive Emotions

Strategy #2:

Shine a light on what is right. For those of us who are problem solvers, it is often natural to shine the light on the problem rather than what is working. Strategy #2 encourages you to shine the light on what is right. An example shared was about a wife who was disappointed in her husband because he wasn't helping at home or paying any attention to her at all. She pointed it out to him and reminded him often. The problem got worse and she built up more resentment towards him, and he got angry. Their relationship got worse.

Then, she tried shining the light on what was right. She decided to focus on what he DID do to help around the house and complimented him on that. It not only filled his bucket, but also filled her bucket. He became happier and wanted to be around her. Something else unexpected happened-she became happier too and it not only made her marriage better but it impacted her interactions with other people as well.

Never underestimate the power of filling buckets! According to one expert, these positive emotions create "chains of interpersonal events". You may not always see the positive results but they are there and happening. Every time you fill a bucket, you are setting something in motion. If every bucket you filled turned and filled another bucket, imagine how many buckets would be filled in 10 days?

Go fill some buckets!

Be The Filter

Every teacher has an opportunity to filter what they say or don't say to colleagues, in front of students, to parents...etc. "When the teacher sneezes, the whole class catches a cold". If students hear us complaining about something it may be the talk of the school, even if it is minor. On the same note, if students hear us approach things in a positive manner-this is the talk of the school. "GREAT TEACHERS CHOOSE THEIR FILTER CAREFULLY"

When a teacher asks how you are doing you get to decide how to use your filter. You can respond by going on and on about a crazy parent you just met with or you can focus on something positive that happened in your day. One way or another, your response affects the school. "By sparing others unnecessary bad news, you can create a much more productive environment". There are certain individuals who you should discuss the bad news with, just not everyone in the building.

Each day, we decide what we bring to the classroom. If we are feeling a little low, we can filter out the negative energy that leads our students to believe we are just there to do our job. Todd Whitaker tells a story about a teacher who announced to her class that on her way to work she heard that it was going to rain, so they would most likely do recess indoors. A student raised his hand and said, "Where do you work?" What a great story! Do your students think you are just here to do your job, or do they wonder where you work?

Next week, lets focus on our filters and using them! I know I can work on mine :).