DSAP ELA Workshops

Using learning targets for feedback and assessment

Paid Professional Development

Looking for teachers who are interested in developing effective learning targets for literacy in their classrooms. Earn up to $200 by participating in one 90 minute after school session, a 2 1/2 hour dine-and-discuss, and in-class implementation.

Session 1:Tuesday March 8th (3:30-5) Session 2: Wednesday March 30th (3:30-6)

Session 1 will be an overview of writing and using effective Learning Targets with success criteria for literacy-in particular for writing. Teachers will then write, implement, and collect learning targets in their classrooms to bring to Session 2. Session 2 teachers will share their learning targets and get feedback. We will discuss how to use those targets to guide writing conferences (formative feedback) and to use as assessments (rubrics/checklists). Dinner will be provided free of charge at this session.