Nadine Gordimer

Leanne Hallenbeck

"The truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is" -Nadine Gordimer
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Life of Gordimer

  • born to a middle class white family in South Africa in 1923
  • enjoyed literature and reading and she learned about the other side of apartheid through her reading
  • started writing when she was 15 and only attended university for one year
  • her stories revealed how apartheid was detrimental to the lives of black South Africans
  • well known author who has received the Booker Prize, the French Legion of Honor, and the Nobel Prize in Literature
  • passed away in 2014 after writing 15 novels

Connection to Apartheid

  • Gordimer showed that the White community was also concerned with the issue of apartheid
  • She was able to spread anti-apartheid sentiments throughout the world because of the books she wrote
  • Whites across the world read her books and the international community became more concerned with ending apartheid
  • Her books revealed the harsh reality of apartheid and gave the entire world more awareness on the issue

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