Mrs. Hernandez's Class

September 12th - September 23rd

In Class:

Reading: We are learning about character traits and creating our own characters.

Math: This week in Math we are working on counting on. For example, for the problem 5 + 3, students will put 5 in their head and then count on 3 more numbers (6, 7, 8). Students are also being asked to show their work. Students will also be demonstrating through their drawings how to count on.

Science - This week we are learning about nonliving vs. living things.

If you want to volunteer in the classroom, please visit: . I will be checking with the office to see which parents have cleared and will be asking parents about volunteering in our class!

Classroom Needs

Fine point dry erase markers

index cards

2" pvc pole

2" pvc elbows

Up Coming Dates:

9/16/16 - Picture Day (Our pictures are at 10:10)

9/19/16 - National Pirate Day - Dress like a pirate!

9/22/16 - Jelly Bean Fundraiser 1600 - 2100

9/23/16 - Candyman Fundraiser