NAIS Staff Newsletter

August 19, 2018

Dear Staff,

Wow! What a wonderful and exciting first week! From celebrations at Convocation, to trying out our new technology, to reflecting on the legacy we will leave this year by making our mark on our students, it was a busy and awesome week! We loved reading The Dot with you and enjoyed seeing you Make Your Mark. If you could not join us for this portion of the staff meeting, you are welcome to view the presentation and video by clicking here. If you did not get a frame to display your students names and your mark, please let us know. We have extras available. We will be bringing around the set of Peter Reynolds books for each wing to share this school year as a resource. We invite you to celebrate International Dot Day with your students this year on Friday September 14 to learn more click here.

We are excited to see all the amazing learning experiences you create for our students this school year! We also can't wait to see all of the creating our students do under your leadership. It's going to be a GREAT year!

~Katie , Megan, & Patrick

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Goosechase Update (21 Days Left!)

Leader Board:

Tied for 1st Place: Team Going Places & Team Dugal (It's All About Phil!) with 3,500 points!

3rd Place: Team Buzzin' Cousins with 2,700 points

4th Place: Team 4th for the Win with 2,400 points

5th Place: Team Respurce Runners with 2,300 points

6th Place: Team Go Bucks with 1,800 points

7th Place: Team No BCD, No BCD, No BCD with 1,200 points

8th Place: Team 3 Musketeers and Lucy with 1,100 points

Tied for 9th Place: Team KlBlake9, Team LabuhnHeiingDerrow, & Team Slauer1999 with 400 points

New Mission ALERT: We have added a new mission inspired by THE DOT and Making Your Mark this school year!

Reminder to complete your mission before our staff meeting on September 10th! Best of luck to each of the teams!

News to Share

1. Lunch/Recess Reminders : Please remind students that they have a spot number for lining up in the cafeteria at the end of lunch where you will pick them up. All students should know their spot number. Please also remind students if they eat upstairs or downstairs. Click here to see a chart that lists your designated spot (see slides 4 & 5) and click here to see if your students eat upstairs or downstairs. Help reminding students to walk in the hallways and line up in single file lines as we transition would be much appreciated. Some members of our Lunch Team are new and we are still one staff member short so your flexibility as we work out the first few day kinks is appreciated!

2. iPads & Indoor Recess: We will be discussing as a Building Leadership Team with team leaders to determine if iPads will be permitted during Indoor Recess. The team will meet again on August 27th so until further information is provided, please have students stay off of iPads during indoor free time.

3. iPad Loan Agreements: Please send your iPad Loan Agreements to the main office to Betsy or Debbie once they have been returned to you by every student in the class. If possible, please send them down in alpha order by last name. If you still do not have a parent signature, please send home a paper copy this week for the parent to sign and return.

4. MAP Update: We are beginning to prepare for the upcoming MAP testing window. Our building's window will open on Monday, August 27th and close on Friday, August 31st. Thankfully, we will be able to test using the student iPads! Click here for the link to this year's MAP Testing Calendar. As a team, please select the day and time you are going to test and add it to the calendar. We created a tab for each of the four building wings. We will use this calendar to select proctors for our students who need accommodations. With the window coming so soon, we are requesting that your team select your day and time no later than Tuesday after school.

5. R Factor/RISE Assembly: On Friday August 24th, we will hold a R Factor/RISE Assembly in each wing to review expectations for the school year and reinforce the common language around RISE and the R Factor. If this time isn't during your regular Eagle Period, please just replace your normal Eagle Period with instructional time that will be missed during the assembly. The schedule is as follows:

  • E Wing 9:25-10:05
  • R Wing 10:10-10:50
  • S Wing 1:10-1:50
  • I Wing 1:55-2:35

6: Weekly Meeting Schedule: Please click here for the updated Weekly Schedule. There was an update to the Math 6 meeting, moving from Tuesday to Wednesday.

7. Fall Festival Dates: Save the Date for this year's Fall Fests! Information will be going out to families in the next NAIS Family Newsletter and our PTO is busy prepping for these fun events.

  • 4th September 14th 3:45-5:45pm
  • 5th September 21st 3:45-5:45pm
  • 6th September 28th 3:00-5:00pm

8. ALEKS Set-up: This year all students will be pre-registered for teachers. Student accounts will be set up by Monday, August 20th. Please review the ALEKS Set-up 2018-19 for printing rosters, moving students and general instructions.

9. Absent Students: If you have a student in your homeroom that has not been to school, please make sure you are mark them absent, even if you are positive they have moved. We must mark students absent until we receive confirmation from their new school they have enrolled. At that time we will remove the student from your homeroom attendance.

10. Dismissal: Thanks to all for your help with dismissal on Thursday and Friday. Please be aware that All-Day Kindergarten begins on Tuesday, so the buses will need to go to the ELC after dropping off students in Grades 6-12 as opposed to coming directly back to our bus loop. On Thursday, Half-Day Kindergarten begins. This could result in some delays as the kindergarten teachers work on their dismissal process with their students, many of which are first time bus riders and cannot identify bus numbers.

11. Internal Website: Check out our newly updated Internal Staff Website, by clicking on the link at the bottom for more information on schedules, calendars, safety drills, etc. We are still working to get everything loaded for this year, but please know we are actively working on this.

iPad Rollout

Week At A Glance

Updated Pledge Schedule Coming Soon

Pledge: 4th Grade S-Wing Week of August 20-27

Monday August 20: Specialist Meeting

Tuesday August 21: 6th Grade ELA, 6th Grade Sci, 5th Grade Sci (No 5th Grade Math Mtg- moved to Wed. this week)

Wednesday August 22: 4th Grade, Math 6; 4th & 5th Grade Math/Sci meeting in Room 111

Thursday August 23: 5th ELA, Pre Alg A, Pre Alg B, 6th Grade SS

Friday August 24: Staff Meeting at 8:30am, RISE/R Factor Assemblies

Upcoming Important Dates

Friday August 24th- R Factor Rollout Assemblies (See above for times)

Monday August 27th - MAP Window Opens

Tuesday August 28th- 4th Grade Curriculum Night- 6pm

Thursday August 30th- 5th Grade Curriculum Night- 6pm

Friday August 31st- MAP Window Closes

Tuesday September 4th- 6th Grade Curriculum Night- 6pm

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