The Coastoal Plains

Of Texas

What you need to know about the coastal plains

In this paragraph i will tell you the things you need to know about the coastal plains. First it is located on the east coast of texas and some sub divisions of this region are the Piney woods, Post oak belt, Black land prarie, Gulf coast plains, South Texas plain. This is going to be some physical features natural resources the physical features of this region is completley flat and some rolling hills. And some natural resources are trees, many rivers, fertile soil, grasslands, lakes, alot of rainfall, fish, And this is the largeset region. And the last part of this paragraph is going to be about th economy, crops, and climate. The economy in this region is lumbering, wood products, farming, and ranching. and some of there crops are cotton, and rice and there climate is hot, damp, and humid. And there weather is tornado and hurricanes.