College Research for Dance therapy

My College Goals

Education Requirements

  • American Dance Therapy Association approved program
  • masters
  • graduate level psychology
  • movement therapy study
  • Experience in the field
  • internship

Volunteer options

  • Helping in dance classes at my dance company
  • Heartland dance
  • helps with social interaction and teaching
  • enables ability to work and teach to all ages

My Higher Education Plans

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University of Oregon

  • School of Dance and theater
  • located in Eugene Oregon
  • cost 24,405 for resident
  • GPA must be 3.000 or more
  • Current GPA: 3.8
  • There is no minimum SAT or ACT score
  • apply though an application process
  • 1:15 is the student teacher ratio
  • Museum of Natural and Cultural History
  • Oregon Bach Festival
  • Oregon Duck games
  • Many hiking trails and outdoor activities

location and Weather

  • located in Eugene Oregon
  • rains 46 inches each year
  • variety of weather ex. snow, sunny, rain
  • geography: hills and creeks

Financial Plans

  • on campus job or another job
  • my parents are helping me a little
  • FAFSA not completed but will be in the future
  • trying for several scholarships specifically dance
  • trying for soroptimist scholarship
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My goals

  • to earn a dance scholarship
  • earn a lead role in a dance production
  • to earn scholarship money
  • to find a job now for employment experience