November 2022

School 5 said it best!

We are thankful for:

Our students


Their supportive families

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One of our favorite things is working together to support our community. Local Leaders, the School District / Board of Education, and other Local Organizations came together to support our families during the holiday season.
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Our first week of the Lindenwold World Cup competition has concluded in a tie for first place! Team Cameroon (9th Grade) and Team Uruguay (8th Grade) both racked up 500 points this week. It is still anyone's game though and there are plenty more opportunities to put your grade level's team in the lead!
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Tied for 1st Place:

Cameroon-9th Grade -500 points

Uruguay- 8th Grade- 500 points

Tied for 2nd Place:

Portugal - 6th Grade- 400 points

Germany- 7th Grade- 400 points

Third Place:

Argentina- 12th Grade- 300 points

Honorable Mentions:

1st Grade- Mexico- 250 points- ranking tops out of all of our elementary grades, hot on the trail of the seniors!

Ecuador- Grade 11- did not make the leaderboard rankings but did have the second highest attendance rate this week- raking in 200 points for their team!


The World Cup has begun!!! The showcase of teams is ON! The Lions do NOT want to miss out on the fun. Each grade level has been assigned a country to learn more about. Our District teams are:

Preschool= England= Red and WhiteK

indergarten= USA= Red, White, Blue

1st Grade= Mexico= Red, White, Green

2nd Grade= Japan= Red, White

3rd Grade= Spain= Yellow and Red

4th Grade= Morocco= Red, Green

5th Grade = Brazil= Dark Blue, Yellow, and Green

6th Grade= Portugal= Red and Green

7th Grade= Germany= Black, Red, and Yellow

8th Grade=Uruguay= Light Blue, White, Yellow

9th Grade= Cameroon= Red, Yellow, Green

10th Grade= France= Red, White, and Blue

11th Grade= Ecuador = Blue, Yellow, Red

12th Grade= Argentina= Light Blue and White


Your Country Dress Down Days:

Friday, December 2nd

Friday, December 16th (Closing ceremonies)

Country Trivia:

Tuesday, November 22

Tuesday, November 29

Tuesday, December 6

Tuesday, December 13

Flag Decoration- due by December 2nd

National Anthem Sing Along- due by December 9th

*One video already submitted!*

Attendance points awarded weekly:

Wednesday, November 23

Friday, December 2nd

Friday, December 9th

Friday, December 16th

Several of our Seniors visited the Rowan University Tour and the HBCU Fair. Out of 19 students who were interested, 16 students received on-site acceptances and to-date - at least one student was awarded a scholarship.


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In the final moments of the game, the Senior Class pulled through with a 12 - 6 win over our Junior Class. Way to go Seniors!!!!
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The 1st Lion Interactive Dinner Theatre was TONS of fun! The students did an outstanding job with comedic improv and the audience had a great time being involved in the action! No one was a passitive observer; everyone joined in and gathered clues all to solve the mystery - Who was the Villian?

This looks like an amazing way to build teamwork. Great job School 4!

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great job Jen, Paula, and Kathleen!

The District has been working on our food offerings based on student feedback collected last school year. Check out our new set-up and salad bar equipment at LHS. It is a work in progress; however, School Wellness Committees are being established with student representation at the older grades.

THE LHS Hispanic Culture Club is getting ready for el Día de los Muertos (Nov. 1-2).

Students celebrated fall with TONS of hands-on and STEAM based activities. (STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

Check out some of our students pumpkin picking the best pumpkins of the bunch, creating spider webs with spaghetti and marshmellows, and disolving candy corns in different substances (water, vinegar, soda) to see which disolves faster and to learn why.

Miss McFadden and Miss Mojica's class listened in on an information Zoom session with Navy Commander, Rob Prodoehl. Students learned about Desert Storm, The Naval Academy and all about the Navy. Students prepared questions and Mr. Rob Prodoehl shared photos from the aircrafts he was in charge of.

Here are the VERY lucky children learning from this Commander!

Mr. Morgan and Mr. Callow held the first meeting of the LHS Science Club. The students built and launched rockets made out of plastic soda bottles and file folders. Congratulations to Deontae Wilson for building the rocket that traveled the furthest. (Following an amazing summer LHS experience, this club was also spearheaded by several of our LHS students. LHS is "our" high school!)
Congratulations to the October Poetry winners for the 6 word poetry contest AND the Black Out Poetry Contest. Black Out Poetry is created when you take a poem that’s already written and create a completely new one by “blacking” out each word you do NOT want to be a part of the poem. You leave ONLY the words you do want and create your own unique poem.

Over 50 student entries were received in one week!!!!!

Math is fun ... but it is even more fun with a theme!!!!




Congratulations to our October Pawsitively PURRFECT students!

Students are nominated based on some or all of the following characteristics: Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Effort, Fairness, Flexibility, Honesty, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, and/or Significant Behavior Improvement.

Congratulations to our November Pawsitively PURRFECT students!

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You can find all previous editions of the Lion's Roar on the Staff Resources page.


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