Ms. Kang's Update


Instructional Coach

My name is Michelle Kang and I am the instructional coach and #TechLeader Innovator at Field Elementary School.

Dear Field Families...

It's been a while since you heard from me, but I hope you had a great week and are staying safe from the fires happening around LA/Orange county!

Because teachers are beginning to create assignments that require students turn in the finished products of their drawing/writing/workbook page/etc., I will be creating a tutorial on how to easily turn in those assignments with the Canvas Student app on your mobile device! Please stay tuned for that in my next Smore.

As a reminder, if you need to pick-up or exchange textbook materials, please make an appointment with Ms. Carol Ko at

[Update for 2nd grade families: We are awaiting order confirmation from LADD on the vocabulary builder textbook purchase.]

Finally, the following updates are reminders from prior Smores!

Have a great weekend! :)

Tech Tips

How do you get rid of the Proxy Pop-up Box?


1. Go to

2. Sign-in using student account.

Want to connect your home printer to student Chromebook?

How to Set up Cloud Print with Chromebook

Do you want your child to log-in using another device?

Steps to log-in to a Chrome Browser

*Don't forget to log out of all other accounts.

Tips for lagging/slow Chromebooks

Check to see you Chromebook is up to date:

  • Log into Chromebook
  • Go to Settings (Bottom right hand corner)

How to Link yourself as an Observer on Canvas

Big picture

Habits for our Little Techsperts (AKA our students)

Please share the following with your child(ren):

1. Memorize or have your username and password next to you.

2. You should sign out, shut down your chromebook daily. [Why? It allows for updates to be installed and for you to re-authenticate you accounts at the start of each school day.]

3. You make sure your chromebook is charged for the next day.

4. If you aren't able to access Clever, you can use direct links to log into Canvas ( and log into Webex ( to ensure you can access your classes. [Tip: Bookmark these!]

5. Use various strategies to problem-solve including:

  • refresh the page
  • check that the cookies are "allowed" [video below]
  • re-authenticate webex account [video below]
  • shut off your device
  • clear browser data
  • clean Google Drive files/photos/screenshots

6. If you tried every strategy you possibly could think of and it's still not working, submit a ticket to the helpdesk (with the help of your parent/guardian).

Below is a creative flowchart to help become problem-solvers with Webex. This was created by own very own 5th grade student, Penelope Vuong, and her sister who is a former student of Field.

Big picture

Help! Webex Meeting is Not Loading!

If your student is trying to access their class Webex Meeting through Canvas, but can only see a blank screen, here are instructions on how to fix this.

  • Look at your address/URL bar and locate the eye icon that is crossed out
  • Click on the eye
  • Then click on the link titled, "Site not working?"
  • Then click on Allow Cookies

Once you follow these steps the meeting links will load.

Allow Cookies in Canvas


Some of our students were receiving an error message when trying to attend Webex Meetings that ask for them to verify their accounts. In order to fix this there are 3 items to check. See the three steps and the video below:

  1. Be sure to shutdown and restart your device daily.
  2. Visit and make sure you are logged in to the PUSD Portal.
  3. Visit and sign in.

Your students may not need to complete all of these, but checking these three items will help ensure that they can get connected.

Re authenticate for Webex Access


PUSD will be providing direct support to families and students experiencing technology issues that interfere with their ability to access online instruction. Our Helpdesk team and Curbside Tech Support team can help provide support for Chromebook repairs, hotspot requests, and system support. If your child can't access your teacher's course, virtual meeting, or curriculum, please reach out to their teacher first so that they can help you troubleshoot.

Helpdesk team has extended hours starting at 7:00am through 7:00pm Monday - Friday. You can also reach them by calling 626-396-3699, emailing, or submitting a ticket while logged into your PUSD account at

To submit a ticket for support, request repairs, or to request a hotspot please visit Below is a video on how to submit a ticket.

PUSD Student HelpDesk Tickets

PUSD log-in credentials (Email/Password)

Kinder students received a QR code in their bag that can be scanned from the log-in screen. Click SCAN QR CODE on the log-in screen.

Returning 1st and 2nd grade students can use their old QR code. If lost, please contact your homeroom teacher. Meanwhile, you can utilize the following information to log on:

    [1st char of last name capitalized, 2nd char of last name lowercase] + [Last 4 digits of student ID] + [1st char of first name capitalized, 2nd char of first name lowercase] + [2 digit birth month] + [2 digit birth day] Example: Henry Monroy (born 08/19/2001) =
    [First letter of first name capitalized] + [First letter of last name lowercase] + [6 digit student ID]
    Example: Eliud Garnica (student ID 991234) = Eg991234

If you are a new student to PUSD, you can utilize the information above to log on as well.

    If you are a returning student and cannot log in, you will need to reset your password. Contact Ms. Carol or Ms. Amanda to assist.

    Schedules (Click on picture below.)