the galiean moon, Io

by: Dianaly Beas

what physical properties make up Io?

volcanic activity, sulfur in colorful, forms rocking .

the is a Galiean moon?

Galilean moon is one of the four largest Jupiter’s moon.

where is io located?

in the solar system.
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who discovered io?


Where is Io located in the solar system?

in Jupiter.
Jupiter's Moon: Io Rotation - HD

How is gravity relateed with the movement of Io?

Io gravity forms tides that rise about 300 ft high of heat volcanic activity.

Has there been any recent discoveries or news about Io?

Yes Nasa’s discovery that the hundred of volcanoes are not where they should be.

Why is Io called a satellite?

Because one of the four moon

that were named as Galilean Satelites
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How can you describe the overall movement of this moon?

The Io Moon is the most active moon in the solar system.

When was lo discovered?

The moon was discovered in January 81610
Jupiter's moon Io
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