Continental Secondary School

"For all walks of life"

Brand Name: Continental Cougars

The word continental shows the inclsiveness and multiculturalism that our school offers to its staff and students. As well, it is easy to remember, short, and simple.


This logo is a visual symbol which inclueds a maple leaf, world map and a cougar paw print. This represents inclusivness as it shows that people from around the world are accepted at our school. In addition, the logo is not to busy and it is easy to understand.  The maple leaf represents the Canadian ascpect and the paw print represents our sports team, the cougars.

"For all walks of life."

This short slogan represetns what C.S.S. stands for. We are a Canadian secondary school that gives oppurtunites to teachers and students from all around the world. Our slogan is also short and to the point, it is also easy to remember.