Operating System

By; William Do and Jack Berwick

Computer and Operating System

Lawyers frequently has to work both at their office and at home, so what's better than to get a portable computer? That's why we have chosen to choose a Macbook Air for the laptop. The Operating system in the Macbook air is the OS X Yosemite. Each computer will cost $899, and when you multiply that by a hundred, the company will need to spend $89,900 for the law firm's computer system.

Macbook Air Specs

-11.6 inch display

-2.38 pounds

-1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5

-4GB of ram

-Up to 9 hours on the web

-Two USB ports and a Thunderbolt port

-Multi-Touch Trackpad

-Full-sized backlit keyboard

Macbook Air


-The small and light weight size makes it easy to carry the computer from work to home. Several employees may not be able to finish their work during work hours, so having access to a portable computer allows them to finish up on their work.

-Simple and easy to use operating system so the employees wont have to spend much time getting use to the product.

-Thunderbolt can download all the documentation that may be necessary for a trial. Usually these documents can big quite large and lengthy.


-The 11 inch Macbook Air cost is $899, so it is pricey.